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The employment marketplace has changed and in today’s economy, a college degree is no longer enough to guarantee future success.

According to Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn, in his book, the Start-up of You, "the job market escalator for educated workers is jammed at every level.  Many young people, even the most highly educated, are stuck at the bottom, underemployed, or jobless…With the death of traditional career paths, so goes the kind of traditional professional development previous generations enjoyed.  You can no longer count on employer-sponsored training to enhance your communication skills or expand your technical know-how…"

NCourage was created to help students bridge the gap between school and career.  Career Intelligence is a career development program for students that helps them find the future path they are hardwired for, look at the employment marketplace and then build a plan that gets them the industry skills, market knowledge, relevant work experience they need to succeed.  

NCourage Career Intelligence provides guidance to make the grade where it counts in the job market.  It helps students:
  • Realize they in control of their future and that mistakes are okay;
  • Know that in today's job market, the best tool a student can possess is outstanding preparation. The coaches at NCourage make sure each client is prepared with knowledge of their unique skills, strengths, interests and a strategic, personalized plan for future success;
  • Gain the industry skills, market knowledge, relevant work experience, branding that elevates them above their competition and an invaluable network of contacts and a strategy to use them.

Coaching is done on a one-to-one or on a group basis depending on the program selected.

Carrie Rubenfeld, Founder, Certified Professional Coach and Managing Director, NCourage College and Career Coaching

Carrie Rubenfeld is a professional coach and founder of NCourage College and Career Coaching. This innovative program enables students, graduates, young professionals and those in career transition to utilize their passion, skills and education to build sustained career success and a balanced, rewarding life.

Carrie graduated cum laude from Cornell University. Her struggles during that time in her life led to her passion for helping young people develop their careers by learning about themselves and the job marketplace.

Her extensive business background has also proven a benefit to her clients, including agency and corporate marketing experience at American Express and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  In addition to the experience of many clients, as a mom of a college freshman and high school sophomore, she has first-hand experience with the college and career development process.