Parents:  What is your college investment IQ?

Given the escalating cost of college, parents are increasingly concerned about return on their investment.  In today's challenging economy, it's more important than ever for your children to stay competitive during college and when entering the workforce.  NCourage was founded to help them do just that by bridging the education to career gap.  NCourage Career Intelligence is a career development system that prepares students with the industry skills, market knowledge and experience required by employers and needed to by your children to launch and build a successful professional life.

  • 45% of undergraduates earn a bachelor’s in six years, equaling higher tuition costs.
  • 65% of college seniors say they wished they had chosen a different field.
  • Last year 80% of college seniors graduated without having a job lined up.
  • 85% of college students moved back home with parents after graduation.
  • 59% of parents provide financial assistance to children aged 18-39 who are no longer students.
  • Studies show 40 – 65% of adults are unhappy in their current job – a path that is often set during school.

NCourage assists your son/daughter to:

  • Choose and prepare for the right career path
  • Maximize their time in college, giving them a strong foundation to launch their career
  • Gain relevant work experience, industry skills, market knowledge, branding needed to beat the competition
  • Effectively secure their first job after graduation

Parents make the difference: Studies show that teens and young adults look to their parents, not their teachers or counselors as their top influence when making career decisions.  Since you have the best knowledge of your child’s unique strengths and talents and a vested interest in their success, you are a vital piece of our process. We provide the resources and tools your family can use to help them identify their career aspirations and turn them into reality.

NCourage services include:

  • NCourage Custom Coaching delivers personalized, comprehensive, one-on-one or group coaching based on client needs. The goal here is strategic educational/career planning and implementation.

NCourage Career Intelligence Programs

  • High School Career Intelligence is a program providing 9th, 10th and 11th grade high school students with in-depth, practical self-knowledge of skills, strengths, values and interests; career goals and strategic plan for hands-on research; selection of college and major; work experience via internships, job shadowing, mentoring and more; knowledge of job markets and outlook.
  • College Career Intelligence helps college students develop career direction and major selection. Gives them a head start in the work world by making their education market-relevant, gaining strategic work experience and developing a network of job contacts.
  • Graduate Career Intelligence provides those with a degree a way to tap into their strengths and skills and utilize their education to build their career, experience, industry knowledge and contacts, and get a job now.  
  • Professional Career Prep provides career transition coaching (job search, career change, job loss.
  • Interview Intensive gives participants three private, filmed opportunities to hone their interviewing skills and receive comprehensive feedback.
  • Resume Revision includes a consultation and complete resume review.
  • NCourage Career Intelligence Workshops