College Students

College Students:  What's your Career IQ?

Worried about grades?  The economy and tough job market? You’ve got the knowledge.  You work hard to do your best in school. Now take your talent, hard work and education and turn them into a successful career!  The time to start is NOW.  In today’s economic environment, it’s more important than ever to have a carefully researched plan and strategy to succeed in the job market.

NCourage Career Intelligence will help you:

  • Discover yourself, define your future, choose your course of study
  • Make your education market-relevant to expand employment options
  • Gain strategic work experience and network of job contacts
  • Develop a career search strategy and skills – get a job now!

Finding the right career is about fit – you to the job and the job for you. To quote a recent Wall Street Journal article, “…in our current economic climate, employee screening has become more, not less, important. In a boom, companies could afford to be cavalier about hiring. If a worker didn’t fit, he or she would soon move on. Today, the flood of job applicants has to be strained more finely than ever before…” Companies are looking for new ways to evaluate candidates. Check out to see the kinds of interview questions companies like these are currently asking: Google asks ‘You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and thrown into a blender. The blades are about to start. What do you do?’ Goldman Sachs asks interviewees the firm’s stock price Morgan Stanley asks the name of a recent story they read in the Financial Times Whole Foods asks their perfect ‘last meal’ Zappos asks ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird are you?’ The preferred answer is in the middle.

NCourage helps you find your career-fit, based on your unique combination of skills, strengths, passions and values that will make you happy and successful in your job. This self-awareness plus knowledge of job markets will arm you to strategically navigate this tough economy.

  • College Career Intelligence helps college students develop career direction and major selection. Gives them a head start in the work world by making their education market-relevant, gaining strategic work experience and developing a network of job contacts.
  • Graduate Career Intelligence provides those with a degree a way to tap into their strengths and skills and utilize their education to build their career and experience and get a job now.
  • Interview Intensive gives participants three private, filmed opportunities to hone their interviewing skills and receive comprehensive feedback.
  • Resume Revision includes a consultation and complete resume review.