NCourage Career Intelligence Workshops and Seminars

Inspirational, engaging, educational NCourage workshops and seminars connect participants  to their passion and deep dive into exciting cutting edge industries, helping them develop interests and experience needed to gain direction in education and career. 

And have fun!

Career Intelligence Workshops and Seminars can be offered almost anywhere!

  • Academic Institutions including public and private pre-k through high school, universities and graduate programs, including career and academic departments.
  • Companies of any size can utilize the programs as an employee value-add, during lunch and learns, for example. 
  • Community organizations such as YMCAs, religious institutions, libraries, clubs and business networking groups also offer NCourage Career Intelligence group programs.


 1. How to Get Into the College of YOUR CHOICEExtreme College and Career Application Workshop

Cornell Grad and Harvard Student team up to give high school students the key to success…both in college admissions and in the job marketplace. 

Find out what admissions and employers want; then leverage your smarts, passion and voice to strategically marketing yourself to success!  

2.  Branding You:  How to Create a Strategic Resume, Portfolio and Online Presence that Gets You Noticed!

How do you stand out in a crowd of thousands of applicants?

Learn to position yourself, your passion and experience to put you ahead of the pack.  Leave with a resume, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter that kick the competitions’ butt.

3.  How to Utilize the Magic of Viral Marketing:  Social Media Strategies that Grow Your Company and Career

High-End watch company Breitling ignored social media when it first arrived. But when they found a “knock-off” site on Facebook with 35,000 followers, they took notice…and got involved.

In this workshop, find out how to leverage social media to sing the praises of your business and career accomplishments, to get a job, promotion or new clients. Develop a strategy, and tactical advantage.

4.  The Digital Rock Star Bootcamp:  Program your Way to Serious Fun and Superstardom

Courses range from pre-k to adult.

NCourage and Flehx Corp owner, Jason Reis, a skilled software architect, trainer and public speaker, are collaborate to give you a creative and productive outlet for your love of technology and also prepares to succeed in our new digital world. 

According to the New York Times, in the U.S. alone, 150,000 computing jobs open up each year, but fewer than 40,000 American grads earn bachelor’s degrees in computer science.  This dearth of technical talent has led to an international feeding frenzy on qualified developers and software engineers. Silicon Valley is wooing new grads with six-figure salaries.

The Digital Rock Star Boot Camp is designed to present real-world technology problems, while training a new generation in out-of-the-box thinking/solutions.

 Courses include:

  •  HTML5 and Your First Website
     Interactive Website Development
  •  HTML5 Text Based Game Development

 Desktop Based Development:

  •   Scratch the surface of game design with Scratch™
     Minecraft® Mod Design

5.  Lemonade Stand or a REAL Business?  Teaching Kids and Young Adults the ABCs of Entrepreneurship

The Next Generation is fully prepared to be entrepreneurs. But what does that mean? This course is designed to show your kids or young adult the keys to starting, and running a business in today’s hyper-growth, technology driven environment. Successful entrepreneurs are scheduled to appear to answer your questions.

Courses include: 

  • Starting a New Technology Venture
  •    The 45 Minute Start-up

6. Career Intelligence: Getting Smart about Your Work and Career

Are you being smart about your career? Or are you just showing up? Students will take a strategic look at how they are hard-wired (hard and soft skills, talents, personality, values and aspirations). Why not build your career just like a business — using your education, passions, skill-sets and taking into account market realities of the ‘new’ and changing work world.

7.  How to Succeed in Business…and Get Ahead!:  7 Tips for Getting Hired and Promoted

There is a simple set of secrets for success. Want to learn them? Learn the benefits of a strong handshake, eye contact, a hand-written thank you, professional attire, focused attention (not on the cell phone), getting in early and staying late, willingness to listen and learn, eagerness to help. These are just a few of the secrets shared in this fun, engaging and rewarding workshop.

8.  Where Do I Go From Here?   Careers for under- and graduate students by area of study or major.


Are some majors better than others? Is your degree becoming useless in the Digital Age? Find out at this cutting edge seminar of where your area of study will take you and what more will you need for employment in the 21st Century.